Criminal Background Check

criminal background check

Criminal Background Check

Criminal Background Check from your own country is a crucial document to get a teaching job in Korea.
You would also need it for visa application.
Every country has its own organization that issues national background checks to teachers.
For example, FBI, RCMP, Garda, Disclosure Scotland, SAP, etc.
Usually, background checks take up to 5 weeks to get them made and then apostilled.
Therefore, candidates from each country are recommended to use an accredited agency to get their documents as fast as possible.

Remember, for visa application, Criminal Background Check cannot be older than 6 months from the issue date.


Check the link below for further information

Canada: Royal Canadian Mounted Police website

In Canada, instead of getting an apostille, you need to get the criminal background check notarized by Korean consulate or embassy.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As of April 01, 2015, the Consulate will notarize ONLY the FINGERPRINTED C.R.C.

New Zealand: Ministry of Justice website

South Africa: South African Police Service website

USA:  FBI website (We strongly advise you to use the service from FBI approved channelers, since it might take up to a month if you apply to FBI directly.)

Ireland: Citizens Information website

Scotland: website

UK: website

Australia: Australian Federal Police website