Diploma Notarization

diploma notarization

Get your Diploma Notarized

To get a teaching visa, you need your university diploma notarized and get an Apostille.

Am I Qualified?

Your diploma should be from a 3-4 year bachelors degree program at an accredited university.
If you have taken online courses, it has to be from an accredited school.
Also, your university should be from 7 designated countries.
(United Kingdom, United States, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, South Africa)

Notarization Process

First, make a copy of your diploma. You need both the copy and original document to authenticate your documents.
Visit a notary public or a notarization official with your documents, or you can ask your university’s registrar office if they can notarize your diploma.
However, there is one thing to keep in mind. You need to get an apostille later from the same state that you got your document notarized. Therefore, if you are living in a state that is different from the state where your university is located, it would be better to get it notarized in your own state. (Getting an apostille by mail takes longer time, so we recommend you to visit the designated offices directly.)

Further Information

Canada: The degree must first be notarized by a notary public or a lawyer registered in the province that issued your degree. Then, visit the Korean consulate or embassy near your location.
Australia: Check the website of Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for further information on notarization process.
New Zealand: You can find public notary near your location on the website of New Zealand Society of Notaries.
UK: Visit the Notaries Society website to find a notary public near your location.
Ireland: Visit the Faculty of Notaries Public in Ireland website to find a notary public near your location.