Safety in Korea & Emergency Contacts

Safety in Korea

Safety in Korea

For sure, living in Korea is different from travelling.
You might deal with a lot of difficulties, such as cultural difference, and language barrier.
But first, before you even choose to teach in Korea, you might wonder if this country is safe enough for you to make a living.

Generally, South Korea is a very safe country. Although South Korea is technically at war with North Korea, it doesn’t affect the everyday life of Koreans.
In fact, Korea is known to be one of the world’s safest countries to travel and live. Just take cautions as you do in your own country.

However, always be aware of unfair taxi fare, ripping off in stores (it doesn’t happen often), especially in crowded touristic areas such as Myeong-dong and Insa-dong.
We recommend you go to stores or restaurants where local people usually visit. Using franchise stores might be a safer choice. For grocery shopping, go to big supermarkets such as E-mart or Homeplus.


Safety Reports

For your reference, here are the safety report from 6 different countries.
Canada: Check out the Government of Canada website for Safety report on Korea.
NZ: Check out the Safe Travel Government website for the Safety report on Korea.
AU: Check out the Smart Traveller Government website for the Safety report on Korea.
IR: Check out the Department of Foreign Affairs website for the Safety report on Korea.
UK: Check out the UK Government website for the Safety report on Korea.
US: Check out the Travel.State.Gov. website for the Safety report on Korea.


Emergency Contact Numbers

Police: 112
Fire and Ambulance: 119
* You can report in English on this website.
Immigration Contact Center(Available in 4 different languages): 1345
Korea Travel Hotline: 1330
* They also handle emergency and related service. 1330 can connect callers to the 1345, 119, and other related call centers.
Seoul Dasan Call center: 02-120
* They offer services such as general information on living and tourism in Seoul including transportation, waterworks, administration, 3-person interpretation, reservation assistance, etc.